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2010-08-30 23:53:15 by TristanLuigi

Not much going on, really, other htan a few horrible audio peices. I guess flash is a bit hard for me.

SMG2 Countdown

2010-05-23 01:56:17 by TristanLuigi

Here's a link- click here to see the countdown.
Please note that I'm not the one who made it link to a site similar an ad- the countdown maker did that >:(
ALSO NOTE that if this is off to you- then hear this: it's designed for Mountain Arizona time. Chances are it'll still be right if you are in a different timezone, as it should auto-adjust, but if it dosen't, I wanted to warn you. That and, it was set for noon. Why? GameStop opens on Sundays at noon. And that's when most people get out of their house (unless they work that day or they go to school [which would be dumb cuz that's a Sunday].)(LOLZ 4 DIFRENT PUNCTUATIONZ IN A ROWZ ALL PROPZERLY USED!!!!!!!) Well I'm gonna wrap this post up or I'm going to start saying useless stuff.

Mario Bloopers Delay for The Faices! Nevermind!

2010-04-25 21:55:18 by TristanLuigi

Sorry, but I've delayed Mario Bloopers back a while because a flash about emoticons, The Faices will be coming out soon enough. It'll be my first flash on Newgrounds. I have some on YouTube, but those are crappy 10-second long tween-fests that suck. But if you raelly wanna see 'em go ahead. If you bothered to read this all, then you probably have enough free time to do it anyway.

CHange of plan AAGAAAIIIN. This is delayed for a TisFat collab, lol. >.<

Workin' on Mario Bloopers.

2010-04-14 23:23:44 by TristanLuigi

They won't be great, as it'll be my first sprite flash, and my first flash on Newgrounds, sorry if I dissapointed you.

Will not be my first flash on Newgrounds, check out the next post to see why. :P